Business Rule Engine
for Smart E-Commerce

DecisionRules allows you to respond to the quickly developing and changing market of e-commerce and online services. Maintaining your business rules flexible without coding is our domain. Build your position in the fast-growing market and stay ahead of the rest.
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Reflect your customers' needs

Clients' expectations are sky-high. In order to meet them, you need a tool that supports decision makers (underwriters, credit policy owners...) to test assumptions and respond immediately to the market. DecisionRules offers an intuitive and simple UI for daily work with quick adoption time and no need for IT skills.

Manage Payment Partners

One of the key elements of e-commerce is how the customer pays for the order or service. Loan origination, credit card origination or wallet payments are inseparably connected to the business. Did you know that 44% of payments are done through wallet payments? DecisionRules helps you manage all such rules using well crafted UI without the need for coding.

Beat your competitors

The competition is huge, no matter in which corner of the world you are. Your decisions involve your clients but also partners (e.g. financial services, business, etc.). Readiness to adapt and apply their pre-filters is a must. DecisionRules will bring you enough flexibility and manageability so you will be ready first compared to your competition.

Use Cases

Payment Partners

Applying rules for establishing applicable payment partners based on the client data will be easy as never before with DecisionRules.

Pricing & Discounts

Set up your pricing & discounts for client segments with Decision Tables. They are easily maintainable and editable by business people.

Product Selection

Target appropriate products to your clients based on customer behavior or other parameters. Design and customize rules faster than your competition.

Delivery Methods

The selection of available delivery methods can be straightforwardly implemented in Decision Tables or Decision Trees. If your delivery system changes, you just edit the respective rule.

Marketing Rules

Would you like to send e-mails with special offers or show messages to your customers based on their behavior? Such rules can be easily prepared and connected to your messaging tool via API.

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Adopt smart decision making and evolve together with the market.


Better Cooperation

Even if you have multiple teams and omnichannel applications, you will keep all your rules in one place. You will see all your changes and will be able to easily switch to previous versions of the rules.

No Dependency on IT

Our user interface is easy to understand for business people. Rule changes can be done with a couple of clicks. You are not dependent on IT, just update a rule and that's it.

Short Time to Market

Designing rules will not take you longer than putting together an Excel sheet and testing is instant. When you are ready, you can deploy your rule to production in a single click.

Faster environment setup
Compared to market standard
Faster rule creation
Compared to our competitors
Cheaper infrastructure
Compared to market standard