Business Rule Engine
for Insurance

DecisionRules intelligently helps you improve product pricing and client rating calculations in a transparent and user-friendly environment.
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Innovate your insurance products

Do you have big plans for your products, but don't know how to make them happen? DecisionRules may be the answer. In DecisionRules, you can easily configure the behaviour, pricing and risk level for your products. You then simply bring new products to customers using existing sales channels.

Innovation process
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How quickly can you change your product?

Product change is always a long and painful process for insurance institutions. DecisionRules focuses on enabling product managers, product owners, or analysts to easily change product behavior in minutes or hours, depending on the nature of the change or testing, instead of the usual days. We thus reduce the time to market (TTM) to a minimum.

Fewer People will do more work

Does it seem to you that any product change is complex and you need a large number of people to implement the change? DecisionRules simplifies the entire product change process so that everything can be done by one role.

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Who do you offer the product to and at what price?

Offering the right product to the right clients is the alpha and omega of sales. Thanks to DecisionRules, you can easily tell which client you will offer the product to and at what price - even with an individual price. Everything is simply and transparently described in the business rules.

Stability and  Scalable Performance

Whether you have 100 or 10 million clients, DecisionRules handles it with ease thanks to a well-designed architecture that can automatically scale exactly according to your business needs. You can focus on your products without having to worry about the system crashing.

Power and stability
Compliance and audit

Compliance and Auditing in Insurance

How do you describe the behavior of the product? How is the price of the product calculated, who do you offer the product to and how is the client rating calculated? In Excel or Confluence? And how is it implemented directly in your software?

DecisionRules brings transparency to your decision making. Your employees can look directly into the business rules and say how the product behaves in a given situation or investigate a specific case. We call this transparent decision-making and auditing.

The power of Business Intelligence

Need to find out how your product is selling? With what parameters and what is the rating? DecisionRules allows you to examine the data of your products in detail, completely online using Business Intelligence tools that you are already using.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Use cases

Dynamic insurance price

Calculate tailored prices according to your client needs. This will simply improve the conversions of your products.

Client Rating

Calculate the solvency and financial strength of the client to determine its rating. You can easily include 3rd party data in the calculation.

Compliance and Auditing

Be confident that your system is transparently making the right decisions. Each calculation step is audited for possible review.

Underwriting process automation

An automated underwriting process will help you increase the volume of closed deals and reduce the number of manual steps of your sales department while maintaining transparency. Changes in the decision-making process are very fast.

The right product for the client

Automate the product eligibility for the client. Combined with dynamic insurance pricing, you can achieve better conversion rates.

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Adopt smart decision making and evolve together with the market.


Better Cooperation

Even if you have multiple teams and omnichannel applications, you will keep all your rules in one place. You will see all your changes and will be able to easily switch to previous versions of the rules.

No Dependency on IT

Our user interface is easy to understand for business people. Rule changes can be done with a couple of clicks. You are not dependent on IT, just update a rule and that's it.

Short Time to Market

Designing rules will not take you longer than putting together an Excel sheet and testing is instant. When you are ready, you can deploy your rule to production in a single click.

Faster environment setup
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Faster rule creation
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