DecisionRules Roadmap

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Rule Tagging

You can now add tags to rules or individual rule versions. Tags allow for orientation as well as filtering. They can be edited and used within the Management API.

Audit Log

We let you see who made which rule change and when. You are now able to turn on rule evaluation logging by default and thus have access to input and output data.

Event Timeline

You can now see the event timeline for rules, spaces and API keys. You can see what changes were made and which user made them.

CSV Import & Export

We support import and export in JSON and XLSX format. However, our customers requested that they would also like to use standard CSV files. We therefore implemented this option too.

Better SSO Support

Some of our customers needed to allow their employees to log in to DecisionRules via single sign-on with a custom authentication provider. We now fully support this possibility.


In Progress
Decision Trees

The new structure of Decision Trees will make your rule editing process easier and faster thanks to a tree structure with an intuitive visual representation.

Advanced Monitoring

DecisionRules handles millions of rules per month. We are working on improvements of our monitoring so that we can better prevent problems before they occur.

User Friendly Testing

We want non-technical users to feel good with us. That is why we are working on how to easily enter and display rule input data. The possibility of using JSON format will of course be retained.

External API Calls from Scripting Rules

We are gradually expanding our platform to make it easier from an integration perspective. According to customer votes, this is also related to the possibility of calling external APIs from the scripting rule.

DecisionRules on AWS Marketplace

We know that for many of you it is difficult to try DecisionRules on-premise. For new users who are about to try DecisionRules on AWS, we are preparing a 1-click solution for installation from the AWS Marketplace.

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