DecisionRules Roadmap

We work hard to make DecisionRules even better, adding new features regularly.


Planning phase
Scope for the 4th quarter is in the planning phase. We will inform you about the outcome of the planning


in progress

Video tutorials - In progress
Simple and fast work is written in our DNA. Many customers write to us why we do not yet have a video tutorial to show how easy it is to work with DecisionRules. ... Working on it.

Advanced Functions and Expressions - Delivered
Our advanced features are often used in Decision Tables and Decision Trees. We're taking our feature and expression editing to a whole new level. We'll let you edit rules using VS Code on the web.

External API call from Scripting rules , Decision Tables and Decision Trees - Delivered
We would like to enable our customers to pull data from external sources in a rule using the REST API and do a simple data transformation on it.

RuleFlow in RuleFlow- In progress
We would like to allow our customers to nest RuleFlows within other RuleFlows.

Python SDK upgrade

Strongly typed JS/TS SDK - Delivered

RuleFlow upgrade (planning and analysis) - In progress
With the growing number of users, we have received a large number of requests to improve RuleFlow. We would like to clarify the requirements and then implement some of them. You definitely have something to look forward to.

Sector specific use-cases- Delivered
We come across many interesting use-cases in which you use DecisionRules. We would like to outline and describe the main trends in individual sectors in such a way that it is clear how to use DecisionRules and where it has the greatest added value. We believe that this will save you some time in implementation projects.



User friendly way to test rules - Delivered
We want non-technical users to feel good with us. That's why we're working on how to easily enter input data into rules and how to display them easily. The possibility of using the JSON format will of course be retained.

External API call from scripting rules - Postponed to Q3/2022
We are gradually expanding our platform to make it easier from an integration perspective. According to customer votes, this is also related to the possibility of calling external APIs from the scripting rule.

Public & Managed Cloud Advanced Monitoring - Delivered
DecisionRules handles millions of rules per month. Related to this is the constant improvement of our monitoring so that we can better prevent problems before they occur.

DecisionRules on Azure & AWS Marketplace - Azure Delivered
We know that for many of you it is difficult to try DecisionRules in on-premise mode on your infrastructure. For new users who are about to try DecisionRules on AWS/Azure, we are trying to create a 1-click solution for installation from the Azure/AWS Marketplace.

RuleFlow available in Scripting Rules - Delivered

Business Intelligence API - Delivered / released as separate app / currently in closed beta testing
Better Power BI integration for on-premise and cloud users

Reworked SDKs on GitHub - Delivered

ARM64 Docker Container Support - Delivered



Rule Tagging - Delivered

Rule Tagging in Management API- Delivered

Audit Change log - Delivered

Monitoring log - Delivered

Advanced management API - Delivered

CSV Import/Export - Delivered

Decision Trees - Postponed to Q2/2022

Better SSO Support- Delivered

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