On-Premise / Private Cloud

Incorporate DecisionRules into your current cloud infrastructure, or start your cloud journey with us.

Why Choose Private Cloud?

This deployment option provides more direct control over security, making it ideal for businesses with strict regulatory compliance requirements or sensitive data. Infrastructure is also under your control when going the On-Premise / Private Cloud route. You can tailor it to provide optimal performance and efficiency.

absolute control
highly scalable
data privacy
Data Residency
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multiple locations

Suitable For

small companies
medium companies


Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offering over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. Renowned for its versatility, AWS provides a variety of tools and solutions for businesses of all sizes, including computing power, storage options, and networking capabilities. Its flexibility, scalability, and reliability make it a popular choice for enterprises, startups, and public sector organizations.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud service by Microsoft for application development, deployment, and management. It supports various programming languages and integrates with Microsoft's products. Azure provides computing, analytics, storage, and networking services, focusing on enterprise-grade solutions.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform offers cloud services using the same infrastructure as Google's products like Search and YouTube. Specializing in big data, analytics, and machine learning, GCP is known for advanced analytics, open-source technologies, and a commitment to security and sustainability.

Other methods

Going with a more niche cloud provider or are choosing to run DecisionRules on your own hardware? We've got you covered. Docker packages applications into containers, making them portable and efficient, while Kubernetes orchestrates these containers in production, automating tasks like scaling and load balancing. To run properly, DecisionRules needs a server, database, and cache.  

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