Powerful Rule Engine Features for Smooth Decision Making


Decision Tables

Decision Tables are at the core of our automated decision making. They are very easy to work with and offer a variety of functions that our users need.

DecisionRules Decision Table in a window
DecisionRules Decision Table in a window

Decision Trees

Decision Trees are our newest kind of rule. They are perfect for simple rules based on successive conditional decisions.

Rule Flows

Multiple rules can be combined using Rule Flows. This allows you to build more complex decision making processes by dragging and dropping.

DecisionRules Decision Table in a window
DecisionRules Decision Table in a window

Scripting Rules

Complex rules can be implemented in JavaScript. This gives you great freedom while leaving the business data in Decision Tables where they can be managed without any programming skills.

Decision making can be hard. Let us do the hard part and focus on business.

Business features

Codeless Approach

Our solution is for everybody. Unless you want to build very complex solutions, you do not need any programming skills.

Low IT Costs

DecisionRules is a secure and scalable cloud based solution that can be adopted with minimum investment.

Team Collaboration

Multiple users can share, edit and view their rules within Spaces. The admin can assign permissions to users.

Easy Versioning

Your progress is safe with us. Any rule can be easily cloned and later recovered. Both with a single click.

Excel Compatible

Choose how you work. Decision Tables can be exported to Excel or Google Sheets, edited and imported back.

Custom Branding

You can have the application show the logo of your company instead of the default DecisionRules logo.


Take advantage of our freely accessible Academy. In just a couple of hours, anyone can easily learn the basics.

Quick Start

You can start quickly and easily. Our specialists are ready to help you with all the steps from rule creation to deployment.

All the decision logic in one place. Structured and accessible.


Seamless Integration

Integrating DecisionRules with your technological stack is easy. You can use our ready made SDKs, Sample Projects or REST API. See Integrations

Management API

The Management API is a secure REST API that provides read and write access to all your rules and Spaces. See Documentation

Advanced GeoCluster

DecisionRules offers fast resolution of rules across the globe and bullet proof resistance to outages.

Client & Server App

We are ready to handle both your frontend and backend systems integration.

Kafka Connector

If your system uses asynchronous message processing, you can make your calls to the Rule Solver asynchronous.

Hot picks

Rule Variables

You can define variables in rule settings and use them within the rule to quickly adapt to changes in the decision logic.


Rules can be organized in folders so the users can easily navigate through the solution and keep related rules together.

Easy Testing

Every rule can be tested right inside the editor's test bench. This boosts productivity and prevents mistakes.

CSV Compatible

Our clients were missing the possibility to export and import Decision Tables in CSV format. We have quickly added this feature.

Rule Comparison

Compare different versions of tables, scripts and trees  to each other to see what has changed.

SSO Support

It is possible to use single sign-on with an authentication provider, both in the Cloud or in the On-Premise app.

Curious about what is coming?
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