DecisionRules meets business intelligence

Great decision making goes hand in hand with great BI.

Business Intelligence API

We believe that quality decision making has to be based on solid data. That is why DecisionRules provides support for business intelligence out of the box. It is delivered via our brand new Business Intelligence API.

Audit Logging

The most important feature of the Business Intelligence API is Audit Logging. It allows to generate audit logs from every solve of a given rule. The generated audit logs can be easily obtained via the /audit endpoint of the API.

Make good decisions based on real data.


Keep Track of Solves

Monitor which of your rules are being called and when. Identify clients by using distinct solver keys or correlation ID. Take advantage of rich metadata.

Analyze I/O Data

The audit logs include input and output data, which can be used for deep analysis. Watch your customers' behavior and make qualified decisions based on data!

Respond to Errors

If something goes wrong with your decision process, you can easily find which rule is responsible, what happened and which processes were affected.


Power BI

Power BI

Our Business Intelligence API can be easily connected with Power BI. We have prepared a detailed tutorial that will take you through the process step by step.