Dynamic Pricing

Revolutionize Your Business with Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic pricing isn't just a strategy — it's a mindset that propels businesses forward in an evolving market landscape. With DecisionRules, you have the tools and insights to adapt, innovate, and thrive. Embrace the future of pricing and unlock new possibilities for your business today.

What Is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic pricing adapts prices in response to market conditions, ensuring businesses remain competitive and maximize revenue. This strategy, also known as surge pricing or time-based costing, assesses factors such as customer demand, competitor prices, and supply levels to set flexible pricing.

Your Pricing Strategies

Effortless Strategy Creation

Say goodbye to complex coding and overwhelming spreadsheets. Our user-friendly interface empowers you to create and manage diverse pricing strategies seamlessly.

Competitor Insights

Gain a competitive edge with real-time data on competitor pricing. DecisionRules seamlessly integrates competitor insights into your pricing decisions, ensuring you're always steps ahead of the competition.

Tailored Pricing Solutions

Whether you're aiming to set prices based on cost, competitor pricing, or sales goals, DecisionRules offers a spectrum of  features to create customizable pricing strategies tailored to your business's unique needs.

Smart Rounding

Leave a lasting impression on your customers with perfectly rounded prices. Implement smart rounding with DecisionRules to ensure that your prices not only look appealing but also remain competitive in the market.

The Success Story of Mix

Discover how Mix achieved remarkable efficiency with DecisionRules. Facing challenges in prioritizing customer inquiries, validating product information, and ensuring text accuracy, Mix turned to DecisionRules for innovative solutions.


Global British e-commerce company specializing in garden and home furniture. Featuring an impressive product range exceeding 25,000 items.

Automated Repricing

Based on the pricing information from competitors, Mix automatically adjusts their prices to stay competitive but maintain the desired margin level.

Event-Based Pricing

When there is a certain event or promotion, the pricing is automatically adjusted, for example activating discounts on a certain segment of products.

Profile-Based Pricing

As a part of the customer care program, prices are tailored to the customer's profile, purchasing history and credits, enhancing their satisfaction and loyalty.

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Dynamic pricing isn't a one-size-fits-all solution — it's a versatile tool that can be wielded across various industries. Here are just a few scenarios where dynamic pricing can make a substantial impact.


Elevate your online store's pricing strategy to new heights, optimizing prices in real-time to maximize profits and outpace competitors in the digital marketplace.


Utilize dynamic pricing in insurance to offer personalized premiums based on individual risk profiles, driving customer satisfaction and retention. Adjust pricing in real-time to reflect changing market conditions and mitigate risks effectively.


Unlock the power of dynamic pricing in banking with personalized loan offers, optimized credit card pricing, and tailored wealth management solutions.


Harness dynamic pricing in the telecommunications industry to optimize subscription plans, data packages, and device offerings. Tailor pricing based on usage patterns, customer preferences, and competitor pricing strategies to enhance revenue and customer loyalty.


Implement dynamic pricing in logistics to optimize freight rates, delivery schedules, and service offerings. Adjust prices dynamically based on factors such as fuel costs, route efficiency, and demand fluctuations to improve operational efficiency and profitability.

DecisionRules Platform Benefits

DecisionRules PLatform Benefits
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24h Assistance: Tailored Insurance Solutions from Italy

24h Assistance, based in Italy, specializes in motorbike, car, and sport & travel insurance. DecisionRules calculates the final price of the insurance based on various factors, including the individual's previous history, the motorbike's value, location, engine displacement, and other parameters.


Pango: The Leading Parking Application in Israel

Pango is the most popular parking application in Israel, with over 4 million active users each week. It utilizes DecisionRules for custom pricing, tailoring charges based on user benefits — for example, whether the user parked outside the city and commuted to the city center by bus or train. This eligibility determines the final price.


IVC Evidensia: Global Leader in Veterinary Care

With over 2,500 clinics, IVC Evidensia is the largest provider of veterinary care in the world. It employs DecisionRules for dynamic pricing across a wide range of treatments, depending on factors such as the animal's insurance, contract type, and previous treatments within a certain period (3 months). DecisionRules also ensures that all individual items in the treatment are invoiced correctly.


Kotsovolos: Greece's Top Electronics Retailer

Kotsovolos is the leading electronics retailer in Greece and leverages DecisionRules in various applications, including custom pricing based on promotional events.

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