All Your Business Rules Questions, Answered

General Information

What is DecisionRules?
  • DecisionRules is a straightforward SaaS solution that can help to digitalize day-to-day decision-making processes within your organization. It provides all the key features that your organization needs to promote various semi-manual, paper, or excel-based “interim” solutions to the next level. DecisionRules allows you to boost your productivity, speed up corresponding workflows and eliminate room for manual errors. All these results in significant operational cost savings.
  • However effective our solution is in the background, we have made our best effort to keep the facade as close to business users as possible. This means you don’t need to buy the solution and hire a bunch of IT geeks to handle it at once. Your analyst should be able to grasp quickly the whole concept and start thinking differently within a few hours.

Do you have documentation?
  • Yes, our documentation can be found here.

Do you have any tutorials?
  • Sure, our tutorials where you can find how to set up Decision Tables, Scripting Rules, Rule Flows, or how to use the other functionalities.
  • The tutorials are available in our Docs.
Do you have a roadmap?
  • Sure, our roadmap is public and regularly updated.
  • The roadmap is available in our Docs.
Where can I get more information?


How can I sign up?
  • The signup process is simple. Visit our website and click on sign-up. Fill out the registration form and straight away you can log in and enjoy DecisionRules!
Do you offer a free trial?
  • Yes, we offer a free trial for a period of 30 days with a Medium plan.
What is included in my trial plan?
  • After you create your account the Medium plan with its features is activated for 30 days. After the trial period, your account will be downgraded to our free Tiny plan or you can subscribe for any of our premium plans.
  • Information about every plan can be found on our Cloud Pricing page.

What happens when my free trial ends?
  • After the 30 day trial, you will be downgraded to our free Tiny plan if you do nothing. If you chose to keep your paid plan, you will need to enter your payment details and confirm.
Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

  • No. You can sign up and use DecisionRules without entering your credit card details. Once you decide to subscribe for any of our paid plans, you will pick a plan and enter your credit card details.
Are there any setup fees?
  • There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our SaaS plans. Use DecisionRules for free and get instant access to your account.
What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept all major credit/debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, American Express, Carte Bancaire.
  • If you need us to accept purchase orders or take any form of offline payment, please contact us at
Can I upgrade or downgrade/switch plans at any time?
  • Yes. DecisionRules is a service paid on a monthly basis or a yearly upfront payment. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Go to Dashboard, click on your email address at the top right-hand corner and choose “Plans”.
Do you have pricing for startups and non-profits?
  • We value people and companies that try to change the world at least a little bit every day. We know how hard it is to build something big out of nothing. That is why we offer startups and non-profit organizations a discount on our plans.

Do you offer partnerships?
  • Yes, the partnership is one of the channels that we use to promote and potentially sell DecisionRules. We are open to partnering with companies all around the world. Our partners know their clients better than us and might be more efficient when applying DR for particular use cases.


What is a Decision Table?
  • DecisionRules contains a highly efficient interface for creating decision tables to be immediately at your service and are designed to respond quickly to your business needs. Whether you use DecisionRules in the cloud or on-premise, you can create and test the first rule in minutes compared to a competing solution. You can send input and output data easily in JSON format. There are many operators available to you similar to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Find more information in our Docs.

What is a Scripting Rule?
  • DecisionRules is highly hackable, so you're never limited by what's available out of the box. You can write JavaScript Business Rule inside our tool. Just wrap your rule with JavaScript, and it'll execute in powerful sandboxes VM. Using JavaScript, you can write more extensive complex rules. There's also a native API to execute them from your connected app.
  • Find more information in our Docs.

Scripting Rule

What is a Rule Flow?
  • DecisionRules supports combining multiple rules into a single Rule Flow which you simply call via the API. This approach is suitable for evaluating multiple independent rules, where data flow is needed from one rule to another. It makes DecisionRules easy to create more complex data compositions or classifications such as risk models and data validation.
  • Find more information in our Docs.

What is a Space?
  • Spaces are for working with your fellow co-workers on particular sets of rules. Every space has its admin who can invite other users to work together. For every user, the roles and permissions can be customized based on the policy that is required by the company.
  • Spaces can be used in multiple ways: as environments, departments in companies, to separate the rules with similar logic, etc.
  • Find more information in our Docs.

Do you offer the capability of versioning?
  • All rules are versioned. You can create a new version of the rule with one click and deploy it with another one. This is how business versioning works for us. DecisionRules also saves changes in each rule automatically at any change. Therefore one can always revert to any historical version of the respective rule. This feature is available for both decision tables and scripting rules.
  • Find more information in our Docs.

Rule with versions

How do you integrate?
  • There are two ways to invoke Rules and RuleFlow. The REST API and Kafka for asynchronous calls. All of our APIs are well documented in clear and comprehensive documentation that is always available online. If you encounter difficulties, our professional team is ready to advise you or prepare new custom functionality.
  • Find more information on our Integrations page.
Do you have any reporting layer?
  • Yes. DecisionRules offers analytical layers of 2 types.
  • Every user can access the Dashboard which supplies the basic overview of Spaces, account, or usage.
  • DecisionRules can be connected to any BI tool supporting connection via ODBC driver; for example Power BI, Tableau, IBM Cognos, etc.
  • Find more information in our Docs.

Do I have to install the application locally?
  • No, the SaaS version of DecisionRules is available without any local installation.

Technical Topics

Can you work with external sources such as SQL DB?
  • We are currently able to consume data via the REST API and the Kafka API.
  • Currently, it is necessary to load data from SQL databases using custom logic or directly from PLSQL
  • We are working to make it easier to consume data from other data sources.
What is the technological stack behind DecisionRules?
  • As software development technology we use nodeJS and for frontend Angular. The deployment is done via Docker Container, MongoDB, and Redis cache. The mentioned technologies are also compatible with similar technologies on AWS, Azure, Google. More information can be found on the On-Premise page.
  • DecisionRules can be connected to customers' applications through various connectors, for example, .NET, Rest API, Java, React, PHP, and more.

How many API calls/decisions can you make at a certain time?
  • 30.000 API calls per minute on SaaS deployment for rules at average complexity.
What deployment options do you offer?
  • We offer 3 deployment models:
  • SaaS - you can simply sign-up with your email access and you can right away use the capabilities of the DecisionRules.
  • Private cloud - the DecisionRules will be set up on the cloud dedicated to your company, at the chosen location maintained by DecisionRules.
  • On-premise - we provide the application, you take care of the infrastructure. This deployment type is available on AWS, Azure, or on your own servers.
Do you offer SLA?
  • Yes, we do offer product support as part of our SLA. The SLA scheme can be found in our Docs.
Can I change the language of the application?
  • At the moment, our application is just in English, but in general, we are quite open to localizing the application per our customer needs. In the future, we will add more languages such as Spanish or German.
Is DecisionRules scalable?
  • Yes, DecisionRules is scalable. The public cloud uses the same pool for all the costumes. In the case of private cloud space or on-premise, the scalability is unlimited. It depends on the customer's architecture. So if using Kubernetes it can scale up to hundreds of thousands of API calls per minute. We can provide you with assistance with setting up the correct parameters based on your needs.
Does DecisionRules grant backward compatibility?
  • Yes, DecisionRules is compatible with older versions of the app. There is also no need to change the rules with new updates.
How often do you release updates?
  • In general, we have a major update every 2 months. Minor updates are released every 3 weeks, on SaaS and Docker versions as well.
Will my data be private and safe?
  • Decision Rules regularly undergo third-party penetration testing, which ensures that the new functionalities are safe for our customers.
  • Production data is stored in AWS data centers that meet high-security requirements. Only a couple of trusted persons working in our company have access to production data.

Can you grant data residency in any country?
  • Data residency in particular countries can be granted in multiple ways:
  • SaaS public cloud. If we have the server allocated in a particular country then this operation mode can be used.
  • SaaS public cloud managed by us. We can set up AWS or Azure at any location they have data warehouses.
  • On-premise (servers or AWS, Azure managed by the company). In this case, we provide BE and FE Docker containers which the client deployed on their servers on the cloud that is used, in this scenario the data residency is in the hands of the client.

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