Business Rule Engine
for Financial Services

DecisionRules brings an opportunity for financial institutions and fintech companies to manage rules effectively and decrease the time between decision design and delivery. We provide solutions for business rules of any complexity, with little or no code.
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Decisions in the right hands

Clients' expectations are sky-high. In order to meet them, you need a tool that supports decision makers (underwriters, credit policy owners...) to test assumptions and respond immediately to the market. DecisionRules offers an intuitive and simple UI for daily work with quick adoption time and no need for IT skills.

Reduce time to market

Client eligibility or credit scoring strongly affects the company's final profits. Changes in credit policies need to be prompt and cannot wait for sprints or releases. Adopting DecisionRules as a part of your IT ecosystem will make your business rules delivery process flexible, fast and controlled.

All in one place

Companies in the financial sector are typically maintaining an omnichannel environment with multiple interacting applications. With DecisionRules, you can handle all rules in one place. Even if you have several teams or decision makers, they can work in one space with strong governance, logging and auditing.

Client Stories


As one of the world's top consultation companies, Accenture is using DecisionRules in their banking platform as an embedded rule engine which allows Product Owners and Risk Specialists easily edit and create their policies and client's scorings.


Stone is the leading provider of Loan, Payment and PoS systems for the Brazilian market. Its loan origination process is powered by DecisionRules in the initial customer credibility evaluation, scoring and validation of the credit policy.


First Response Finance is a loan provider who provides loans for cars and vans for small to medium-sized businesses. They are using DecisonRules for Underwriting Processes: scoring of the clients and calculation of the loan limits.

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Use Cases

Client Preselection

Your no-go rules will perfectly fit into our Decision Tables, where the business people will be able to manage them without any need for coding or IT skills.


Your scorecard management will be much more effective. You will be able to easily change the rule parameters when the scorecard is re-calibrated.

Limit Calculation

Setting up parameters for models of limit calculation and affordability will be as easy as changing the values in Excel sheets.

Offer Calculation

With Rule Flows, preliminary offers can be connected to the components of standard underwriting. The difference between final underwriting and offer calculation can be therefore minimal.

Final Decision

All the necessary components of the final decision can be chained together using Rule Flows. The decision-making logic is therefore divided into smaller pieces, structured and maintainable.

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Better Cooperation

Even if you have multiple teams and omnichannel applications, you will keep all your rules in one place. You will see all your changes and will be able to easily switch to previous versions of the rules.

No Dependency on IT

Our user interface is easy to understand for business people. Rule changes can be done with a couple of clicks. You are not dependent on IT, just update a rule and that's it.

Short Time to Market

Designing rules will not take you longer than putting together an Excel sheet and testing is instant. When you are ready, you can deploy your rule to production in a single click.

Adopt smart decision making and evolve together with the market.