DecisionRules starts the summer with new pricing

DecisionRules is excited to announce a new pricing structure for our cloud users, aimed at providing more flexible and tailored options to meet the diverse business goals and needs of our customers.

Our new pricing strategy offers increased flexibility for small and medium businesses within our target market. We are transitioning from four initial plans to seven new plans, starting with a free plan called “Starter” for users who want to experience our platform firsthand.

For individuals and those needing more time, we have created the "Starter+" package, offering a broader range of possible rules, more solver API calls, and increased availability.

To better serve entrepreneurs, we are introducing the “Entrepreneur” package, which includes  10 rules, 2,000 API calls, and 10,000 decision table rules.

The most significant changes are reflected in our business plans, with three distinct options focused on utilizing the “organizations” feature—a game-changer for the DecisionRules platform. These options include:

  • Small Business: 1 organization and 5 users
  • Business: 2 organizations
  • Business+: 3 organizations and 10 users

Finally, we have an updated plan for corporate users (formerly “large” plans), offering 5 organizations, 20 teams, and 200 rules. 

Explore DecisionRules new pricing with the public cloud.

We are confident that our new, flexible plans will lead to increased satisfaction among DecisionRules users. Existing plans that have been closed and paid for will remain unchanged. If you wish to switch to a new plan, please proceed through the DecisionRules application or contact our sales team.

Coming Soon: DecisionRules Workflows

We look forward to serving you better with our new pricing structure and upcoming features.

About DecisionRules

At DecisionRules, we specialize in accelerating every day operations across various industries including financial services, insurance, e-commerce, logistics, healthcare, and beyond. Our innovative platform serves as a no-code rule engine, simplifying the creation and deployment of business rules, and ensuring secure and scalable operations within a cloud environment.

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