DecisionRules Dazzles at Dublin Tech Summit & Startup World Cup

From Networking to the regional finals of the Startup World Cup: Our Experience at Dublin Tech Summit

Making Connections at the Summit

Our recent participation at the Dublin Tech Summit was nothing short of exhilarating. As proud representatives of DecisionRules, we were thrilled to be part of this dynamic event, showcasing our innovative product and connecting with industry leaders and fellow innovators.

Our booth at the summit was a hub of activity, offering us invaluable networking opportunities. Engaging with other tech enthusiasts, potential clients, partners, and investors provided us with fresh perspectives and reinforced the value of our platform. The exchange of ideas and the forging of new connections were highlights of our presence at the event.

Competing in the Startup World Cup

However, the true centerpiece of our experience was our participation in the prestigious Startup World Cup pitch competition. Out of an initial 150 applicants, DecisionRules was shortlisted among the 50 most innovative startups in the Irish Round. This recognition alone was a significant achievement for us.

The competition was fierce, and each round was a testament to the incredible talent and groundbreaking ideas present at the summit. Despite the stiff competition, we advanced through two challenging rounds and went for the finals. In a nail-biting finish, we came in second, missing the top spot by just one jury vote.

Reflecting on Our Achievement

This was our first pitch competition ever, and to have come so close to victory is a testament to the strength and potential of DecisionRules. The experience has bolstered our confidence and confirmed that we are on the right path.

We left Dublin with a renewed sense of purpose and an eagerness to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible with DecisionRules. The feedback and encouragement we received have been invaluable, and we are more motivated than ever to innovate and excel.

As we look to the future, we are excited about participating in more events and competitions, eager to share our vision and achievements with the world. Thank you to everyone who supported us at the Dublin Tech Summit. We can't wait to see what the future holds and look forward to meeting you at the next event!

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