Deploy DecisionRules
on premise

Set up DecisionRules on premise or on your private cloud in 2 simple steps.


Download and deploy

To get DecisionRules up and running on your environment, you need to download the suitable containers and deploy them. There are two alternatives. You can either try our Showcase Application or download the Production Application. Choose one of the alternatives and follow the steps below.

Showcase Application

Easy Start

You can simply try DecisionRules on your computer. We have prepared a container package to run locally without worrying about anything else. The showcase app includes server, client, Redis Cache and MongoDB.

Before you start

# navigate to your preferred directory

curl -L --output docker-compose.yaml
docker compose up


  • Open http://localhost in your browser

Production Application


If you want to deploy the DecisionRules production application on your environment, you will need to download both the Client App and the Server App containers as provided below.

Client App


The client app container provides the front-end part of the application with all its functionalities. It does not require any further integrations.

docker pull decisionrules/client

Server App


The server app container provides the backend application with all its functionalities. It requires Redis Cache and MongoDB (see the list of supported alternatives below).

docker pull decisionrules/server


Generate your license key

For containers to work, you need to generate your demo license key. You can do that via the form below.

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