Kata Software and Decision Rules Announce Strategic Partnership

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with KataSoftware, a major player in the financial software market in Latin America.

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with KataSoftware, a major player in the financial software market in Latin America. With a track record of developing financial software and providing professional services for leading organizations like Pichincha Bank, Te Creemos, and BancoW, our partnership with Kata Software positions us to serve the entire Latin American market. Additionally, this partnership will allow us to offer support in Spanish and make DecisionRules available to a wider audience.

About the Company

At Kata Software we develop technology that allows financial institutions to reduce costs and become more efficient through a suite of platforms that help optimize product and service placement processes.

  • We have the best financial orchestrator in Latin America.
  • We help you centralize all your channels and processes in a single platform.
  • We offer a comprehensive mobile office to your credit analysts.
  • We provide virtual assistants that you can customize according to your needs.
  • We are creators of custom software for the financial sector.

We have built more than 500 projects for clients in Latin America and their brands support us.

In addition, to reaffirm our commitment to the quality of the service we offer and the security of our clients' information, we are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Kata Software Services  

Kata Mobile:

Kata Mobile is the mobile office that transforms field processes to digital, optimizing the tasks performed by the commercial force, collections and verifiers, increasing the productivity of collaborators.

Kata Mobile can be used to manage the origination of financial products in the field, manage field personnel, as well as manage collections and portfolio management.

Collaborative Mobile Office (self-managed forms)

This service extends the functionalities of Kata Mobile, transforming it into a powerful collaboration tool so that advisors, clients and any other person involved in the origination process can complete any information request remotely, optimizing the advisor's field visits.

Kata Engine

Kata Engine is a powerful omnichannel platform specialized in the orchestration of financial products, automating the processes of origination, underwriting, verification, evaluation, disbursement, among others. Likewise, the stages, tasks, business rules and policies required for approval can be configured in a flexible and parameterized way.

Kata Engine interconnects in a simple and agile way all customer service channels, whether traditional or digital. Robustly integrating them through the Kata API with any core system of the financial institution and with internal or third-party services. All from a single platform.

Kata Connector

Kata Connector facilitates the orchestration of channels and bidirectional information delivery, enabling integration with financial institutions' systems and services.

It includes a scalable API that allows each institution to connect its own experiences to integrate them in an agile way with the Kata Engine BackOffice.

Kata Bot

Kata Bot is the platform that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized chatbots in minutes, maintaining the context of the conversation even if the customer contacts you from different media, allowing you to continue your processes without having to start from scratch during each interaction.

Kata Bot allows you to create assistants that generate leads, offer simulations and originate credits or acquisition from scratch.

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