Decision Rules Use Case: Loan Application

In our latest video we are focusing on a specific use case: loan applications. Join us and explore how decision rules change the approval process, comparing hard-coded rules with automated decision-making in a standard financial institution.

First, we will introduce you to the concept of decision rules by showcasing a loan calculator - a tool that aids borrowers in understanding their financial options.

Next, we will highlight the key differences between hard-coded rules and automated decision-making. In a traditional setting, hard-coded rules require manual intervention and maintenance, making the loan approval process cumbersome and prone to errors.

But that's not all - we will also provide you with a practical demonstration of how to create decision rules in our system.

Whether you're a borrower seeking financial assistance or a financial institution looking to streamline operations, this video is your ultimate guide to mastering decision rules. Don't miss out – watch now and revolutionize your approach to loan approvals!

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